Services of Our Environmental Health Department

Our Environmental Health Department performs services within all municipalities of Smith County, all unincorporated areas in Smith County, areas within the City Limits of Bullard, and areas within the City Limits of Palestine. 

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

We are located at 815 N. Broadway Avenue in Tyler.  

Email address : [email protected] 

Office Phone number : (903) 535 - 0037

Below are links to downloadabe forms and applications that need to be completed in order to ensure safe operation of your business based upon its category of service.

Food Establishments

(i.e., restaurants, food trucks, temporary events, push carts, Farmers' Markets)

All open foods or beverages & foods that require temperature/time control for safety offered to the public for consumption regardless of monetary transaction are subject to inspections and permits. 

Examples include restaurants, cafeterias, convenience stores, retail food outlets, caterers, temporary food vendors, mobile food units, and farmers market vendors.

Retail "Fixed" Food 

If you prepared or consumed an item that is part of an active food recall, click for more information.

Persons who suspect possible Food Borne Illness (FBI) should complete this FBI Complaint Form.

Apply for a Plan Review of Your Establishment

Required Permits and Inspections

Info About Certified Food Manager Certification

Info About Basic Food Handler Certification

Below Are For Reference Purposes Only

Overview of the Plan Review Process

Guidance Document for Your Plan Review

NSF Plan Review Calculator

Temporary Events (one-day only or annual events)

Coordinator Application for a Temporary Event

Permit Application for a Temporary Event

Process for Operating a Temporary Food Event

Temporary Food Vendor Guidance Document

Important Details About Temporary Events

Farmers Market Associations

Application to be a Farmers Market Coordinator

Application to be a Farmers Market Vendor

Mobile Food Units (i.e., food trucks and push carts)

Active Permitted Mobile Food Units

General Information Manual

Mobile Food Establishment - Plan Review

Application to Create a Food Truck Park

Central Preparation - Commissary Agreement

Selling Home-Cooked Items

Rules of Production for Cottage Foods

Additional Resources for Operators of Retail Food Establishments, Mobile Food Units, and/or Temporary Food Establishments

Public Swimming Pools, Public Spas, Splashpads, and Interactive Water Features

Any pool, spa, or public interactive water feature that is defined by State law as a public or semi public pool are subject to inspections and permits. 

Examples include municipal pools, competition pools, therapy spas, exercise pools, splashpads, pools at apartment complexes, HOA pools, and water parks.

Training Courses

2023 Class Schedule for "Pool School"

2023 Online Registration for "Pool School"

Basic Pool Operators - Annual Training

Advanced Pool Operators - Annual Training

Documents and Application Forms

Plan Review Application & Guidance Document

Review Guide for Public Swimming Pools

Certified Pool Operator Registration Form

Re-Opening Public Swimming Pools in Texas

Regulations for Basic Operations

TAC Code for Operation of Pools 

NET Health District Order 2013-1

Additional Requirements

Overview of NET Health's Water Safety Program

Child Care Centers, Foster Homes, and Other Care Facilities

Facilities that are licensed by the State and that require Health Inspections to care for or house children and/or adults are subject to inspections and Inspection Fees. 

Online Application for a Foster Home Inspection

Process to Request a Foster Home Inspection

Application for Annual Inspection of Adult Care, Assisted Adult Living, and Child Care Centers

NET Health District Order for Inspection of Licensed Care Facilities - Order 2013-2

General Sanitation & Public Health Nuisances

A Public Nuisance is any man made condition that can be a medium for disease transmission to other humans. 

Examples include surfacing sewage, piles of trash, manmade bodies of water that harbor mosquitoes, and any condition that breeds pests.

Any nuisance created by a person that can affect the safety or health of the public can be investigated by a representative of our Environmental Health Department. 

Situations that occur within the City Limits of Tyler should be directed to their Code Enforcement Department.

Texas Health and Safety Code

Our Environmental Health Department abides by the required rules and regulations that are mandated by the Texas Health and Safety Code.

The NET Health Board of Directors enact a District Order as the tool to enforce the State of Texas' Health and Safety Code within our jurisdiction. The most recent updates were approved within NET Health District Order 2016-2.

Our staff includes Registered Sanitarians and Environmental Protection Specialists who investigate, evaluate, and eliminate environmental conditions that pose potential threats to the public health of individual citizens, neighborhoods, and communities within the jurisdictions of our Environmental Health Department.

Our specialists provide assistance through health education, collaboration with other local environmental health protection agencies, performance of health inspections, and investigation complaints received from the general public.

The full list of applications, documents, and forms related to our Environmental Health Department can be accessed by clicking here.

If you need to submit any other documents or forms, you can email them to [email protected].

Or, you may personally deliver them directly to the Environmental Health Department during their hours of operation listed at the top of this page.

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