Environmental Health Department Services of NET Health

NET Health Environmental Health Services cover all of Smith County, all City Limits of Bullard and soon all City Limits of Palestine.  For a limited time, this form will be available online to update your account information.  If you need to submit any other documents or forms, you can email them to: [email protected] or deliver them directly to the Environmental Health Department at 815 N. Broadway Avenue in Tyler, TX 75702.

Click to complete the form online: NET Health Account File Information Needed

Retail Food Inspections Program

All open foods or beverages & foods or beverages that require temperature/time control for safety offered to the public for consumption are subject to inspections and permits.  Examples include:

Commercial Pool/Spa/Public Interactive Water Feature Inspections Program

All pools, spas, or public interactive water features that are defined by State law as a public or semi public pool are subject to inspections and permits.  Examples include:

Child Care, Adult Care, Foster Home Inspections Program

Facilities that are licensed by the State and that require Health Inspections to care for or house children/adults are subject to inspections and Inspection Fees. 

General Sanitation & Public Health Nuisance Complaint Investigations. 

A Public Nuisance is any man made condition that can be a medium for disease transmission to other humans.  Examples of public nuisance complaints investigated by NET Health include:

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