Temporary Food Establishment Permit Application

Food/Beverage Vendors, please read the following:

If you submit this form online, you are required to pay the registration fee online plus a 2.9% + $0.30 online transaction fee.  If you would rather pay by mail or in person, you can print the formand send it with the payment.

Fee Schedule*

Applicant/Owner Information:

Event Information

Coordinator Responsible for the Single Event or Celebration

Menu Information

Important Notices!

  • All foods offered to the public must be purchased from an approved source & proof must be available.
  • All manufactured foods must be properly labeled, per the Food and Drug Administration and purchase receipts are required.
  • All proposed food products must be pre-approved by our Environmental Health Department prior to the opening of the food establishment.
  • Complex menus or high risk foods* that require time or temperature control for safety shall require special approval.

    * High Risk Food = raw poultry, raw seafood, or foods traveling greater than one hour to the event location

1. Food/Beverage Product Name
2. Place of Purchase - Receipts must be available
3. Equipment for Preparing Food

I acknowledge receipt of a copy of the Temporary Food Establishment Guidance Document and understand that failure to meet provisions for a temporary food establishment described in the NET Health District Order 2016-2 can result incitations for violations and penalties to be assessed in court.

I certify that all facts stated in this application are true and correct. For any questions or concerns, please contact our Environmental Health Department at (903) 535 - 0037.

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Late fee: $0.00
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Total: $0.00
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