Winter Storm Guidance


The Environment Health Department would like to recognize these challenging times all food establishments have endured this past year and we would like to stand along side you in this time to encourage your continued support in keeping the customers health and safety the number one priority moving forward.

If you are under a boil water notice, you should not operate without an emergency plan in place. Please contact your NET Health inspector to discuss an emergency plan of action that your food establishment can manage during this time. Without potable water, it makes it difficult to perform many basic functions for food service operations. For instance, how do you plan to wash dishes; wash hands; provide beverages; store purchased ice or store boiled water. All of these things are a unique challenge.

The State of Texas has provided a guidance document to help you develop a plan of action during this time.

NET Health will want you to be able to explain and demonstrate that you are able to adhere to these things listed in this guidance document; tell us how you plan to have enough water for hand washing and ware washing; and how will the employees wash hands? They need to be able to have warm potable running water for this task such as a spigoted container where the spigot will stay in the on position through the hand wash process.

Dish Machines can not be used at this time because they do not use boiled water and use a high volume of water. The compromised water utilities have asked everyone to conserve water.

If you find these things are too restrictive or not achievable at this time, then it is necessary to stay closed until the boil water notice is lifted and you have thoroughly flushed all water lines, soda lines and ice machines.

The recent snow storms have impacted many public water systems and may have caused more localized water breaks, etc along the way. Please keep in touch with the news and your water company to find out the status of the boil water notice you may be under at this time.

Ginger Points R.S.

Environmental Health Director

What should customers on a Boil Water Notice do?

Water for drinking or other human consumption should be boiled and cooled prior to use. The water should be brought to a vigorous rolling boil and then boiled for two minutes.

Tips for boiling water:

Suggestions for different types of water use:

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