Milk Testing

Our role as a regulatory dairy laboratory helps to ensure that the people of Texas are provided with safe and wholesome dairy products that are only as good as the milk that is produced on the farm.  The dairyman’s milk supply is then subjected to a variety of criteria that indicates the overall safety and quality of what goes into retail products. 

Milk haulers are probably one of the most important links between the milk producer, milk plant, state milk sanitarians and our laboratory. They are more than mere truck drivers. They are the judge of acceptable milk before it leaves the dairy. The milk hauler’s sampling techniques are very important because the milk sample reflects the quality and composition of the milk in the dairyman’s bulk tank.

The test results that our laboratory obtains have a major influence on the dairyman, his herd and his family, since his milk supply must stay in substantial compliance with the laboratory test standards discussed below. These test results are all based on the sample that the milk hauler obtains.

Maintaining proper temperature (0.0º - 4.5ºC) is essential to preventing microbial growth and ensuring that there are no chemical or physical changes in the samples until they are analyzed.  Collectors must also ensure that all pertinent information is recorded properly so that the samples will be accepted by the registered state milk sanitarians. This is due to the legal nature of the process, when collecting samples for regulatory purposes.

Samples are not accepted for testing from private individuals.


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