Vital Statistics - Birth/Death Certificates

NET Health serves as the Local Registrar for the City of Tyler and files certificates of birth and death that occur within the city limits. 

Our office issues certified copies of these vital records to qualified applicants upon request.  Birth certificates are usually required for several reasons including school, employment, insurance, retirement, and travel among others.  Death certificates are usually needed by the family for insurance purposes or estate/inheritance issues.

Vital Statistics Department Office Hours:  

Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  

For more information please call (903) 535 - 0030 

Birth Certificates - extension 300

Death Certificates - extension 301

Record Availability

Birth certificates are available from anywhere within Texas from the year 1926 (in most cases) and City of Tyler births are available from the year 1910. 

Death certificates are available for deaths that occurred within the City of Tyler from the year 1910.

Qualified Applicant

Birth and death records are not public records and are therefore issued only to qualified applicants.  A qualified applicant is defined by the State of Texas as the registrant, his/her immediate family member either by blood, marriage, or adoption; his/her guardian or legal agent (must provide proper documentation).  

Immediate family includes yourself, mother, father, brother, sister, grandparent, or child.  Please be advised: if a father is not listed on the certificate no one on the father's side will be allowed to obtain copies.  

A state issued picture ID is required for a birth or death certificate request.

How to Obtain a Record

You may obtain a certified birth or death record in person at the 815 N. Broadway, Tyler, Texas office. You will be required to fill out an application listing the name of the person, date of birth or death, place of birth or death, parent's names, your name and address, and you will be required to show current valid state issued picture identification in order to confirm your identity.  The process  usually takes no more than about 10 minutes.

You may order your records online at  

You may also request a birth or death certificate by mail.  Please print and fill out the appropriate application, include the notarized statement, send a copy of your current valid state issued picture identification, and money order or cashier's check for the fee.  Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Our address is NET Health, Local Registrar, 815 N. Broadway Ave., Tyler, Texas 75702, turnaround time for a mail request is about 3 to 4 days, requests are mailed out as soon as the same day of receipt by our office.


Fees for certified birth and death records are set by the Texas Legislature.  The fee for a certified birth certificate is $23.00 each.  The fee for a certified death certificate is $21.00 for the first certificate and $4.00 for each additional certificate requested at the same time.

Application Forms

Please print and complete the Notary Verification Form (required for mail-in orders) along with appropriate forms below:

Notary Verification Form: notaryverificationform.pdf

Birth Application in English:  BirthApp092015.pdf

Birth Application in Spanish:  BirthAppSpanish092015.pdf

Death Application in English:  DeathApp092015.pdf

Death Application in Spanish:  DeathAppSpanish092015.pdf

Additional Information

If you need general information about birth and death certificates, other state contact information, or if you need information about correcting a birth or death certificate, please call our office at (903) 535 - 0030 extension 300, 301, or 303.