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Healthy Texas Babies is represented by members of the community such as CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital, March of Dimes Foundation, Tyler Family Circle of Care, Tyler City Council, Smith County Medical Society, University of Texas at Tyler, NET Health and many more. 

In 2009, 45.5% of the 3,102 live births in Smith County occurred without prenatal care in the first trimester. That same year, 68.1% of all children born in the county were Medicaid recipients, a greater proportion than the region (63.9%) and the state (56.2%). 43.3% of mothers in Smith County were unmarried and 4.4% were under the age of 18. Although the incidence of low birth weight is lower in Smith County than the region and the state there is a high disparity within the county.

Our Coalition works to lower these rates through pre-conception education, provider education and support, public engagement, and progress management.

To accomplish the goals, the Healthy Texas Babies Coalition seeks to help men and women of East Texas to take control of their future today! If there’s a baby in your future, even if it’s months or years from now, today matters. Take control. Stop smoking, eat right and exercise and do something about your stress. Whether you are a man or a woman, your health today is important - and even more important to the baby you might have someday.

Meetings are held on the third Monday of every month within the Genecov Room at 315 North Broadway Avenue in Tyler.  Start time is 11:30 a.m.

Announcements related to the meetings will be posted on our communication channels:


To reduce pre-term birth rates, improve maternal health and increase prenatal care utilization in Tyler and Smith County.


To work with individuals, health care providers and communities to improve the physical, emotional and social well-being of women during child-bearing years, to ensure the health of current and future generations.


The goal of this intervention is to increase community awareness about maternal and child health and the importance of and resources for preconception health. 


The goal of this intervention is to increase provider awareness and education about maternal and child health. The coalition will offer tools and education health care providers can use to help their patients make healthy decisions today so they can be ready for a baby in the future.


The goals of this intervention are to improve the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of college age women related to preconception health, and to increase the rate of preconception education among all women of childbearing age.


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National Resource List:

March of Dimes:

CDC Preconception Media Tools:


Live Like a Dad:

Someday Starts Now:

Healthy Texas Babies:

Office of Women’s Health:

Office of Men’s Health: ;

Local Resource List:


Tyler Family Circle of Care:


NET Health:

Tyler City Council: .

Andrews Center:

We Believe Inc.:

Smith County Medical Society:

The University of Texas at Tyler:


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