Become a Mother-Friendly Worksite!!

All of our NET Health WIC clinics are Mother-Friendly Worksites.  This wonderful initiative supports our employees throughout their personal journeys as new mothers. 

The Mother-Friendly Worksite Program allows fulltime staff members to bring their breastfed infants to work until the age of 5 months.  To help the staff in their breastfeeding success, they receive supplies such as a nursing cover, an infant wrap and sling, and a nursing pillow. 

When the infant reaches 5 months of age and is no longer able to come to work, the staff member receives a hospital-grade breast pump and collection kit to encourage further breastfeeding success.  We encourage mothers to breastfeed and work at the same time to show support and to reveal the value we place on breastfeeding.

Some of the benefits that are already evident from this program include:

Our Agency has received recognition for our Mother-Friendly efforts from the Texas WIC Program and our WIC Director has been invited to present information about the program, promoting Mother-Friendly Worksites to other businesses.

For more information regarding the “how-to’s” of the Mother-Friendly Worksite initiative, visit the Texas Mother Friendly and the The Office of Women's Health - Breastfeeding websites.

To learn how your company can become a Mother-Friendly Worksite, contact us by calling (903) 593 - 8331 or email us at

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