Certified Food Manager Certification


Certified Food Manager Class Update:

Attendance for the Certified Food Manager (CFM) classes have been low.  If the number of students registered for a course does not meet the minimum required number the class may be postponed until the next month's scheduled class date.  Please register early.  

The closure of the campuses due to Covid-19 coronavirus situations are also a possibility.  Please check with TJC the week before scheduled class to make sure everything is as scheduled.

Option 1:  Traditional Classroom (2-Day Class)

On-site English classes can be scheduled (Monday through Friday).  There is a minimum of ten (10) students per class.  

Course Description:  NET Health Curriculum and ServSafe Exam  

SCHEDULE A CLASS TODAY by CALLING (903) 535-0037:  We ask that you give us a two week advance notice.  Each location will need to be evaluated for feasibility and approval.   Contact the Environmental Health Department if you are interested in scheduling an on-site class.  Email:  [email protected] 

REGISTRATION:  Once a date and location have been confirmed, please submit a printed/typed roster and payment one week prior to the class. 

PAYMENT:  Pre-payment is required.  The cost for us to bring the class to you is $125.00 per student.  Payment is non-refundable

    Description:  This 2 Day Class is taught in English or in Spanish.  

Option 2:  Test Only  (ServSafe Proctored Test)

    Description:  This option is for the examination only.  It is for individuals that are     proficient in food handling skills and very familiar with current food safety     regulations.  This option is available monthly.  

    Schedule:  This option is available monthly.  Contact us at (903)-535-0037

    Registration:  Register for the Test Only at 815 N. Broadway Avenue in Tyler, TX         75702

    Payment:  $50.00 in person at the 815 N. Broadway office

Option 3: Online Testing (Registration Required)

    Online Courses are available online.  Visit DSHS website for more information.

    Registration:  Upon Completion of Option 3, submit a copy of the certified food     manager certificate and $25.00 payment at the 815 N. Broadway office or online  

    Pay Onlinehttps://www.mynethealth.org/services/environmental-health/make-a-payment/ 

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